New Zealand Maine Coon Cat Club

What is a Maine Coon ?

The Maine Coon is a solid, rugged cat. It is semi-long haired and is the largest domestic breed of cat. Males can reach 15kg, but sit usually around 10kg. Females are usually a little smaller than males, upto about 10kg, but sit around 7kg.


The fur is long although it varies in length as opposed to the Persians bushy all-one-length coat. The fur on the shoulders is shorter, gradually increasing in length along the back and sides ending in full britches and long shaggy belly fur. An undercoat is carried making the breed double coated. Tufts in and on the ears are a feature, and the feet are also heavily furred with tufts even on the bottom of their paws making them look like they are walking in snow shoes. The tail is the Maine Coon's pride and joy. It is plumy and shaggy. Maine Coons do not need the intensive grooming that most other long haired breeds do, although they should be brushed about once a week.


the Maine Coon is not an excessively vocal cat. It does chirp a lot especially when holding conversations with its humans. It is an extremely affectionate cat, however its affection may be restricted to just  a few people and it can be wary of strangers. Usually a Maine Coon can be found in very close proximity to its loved humans, often just quietly sitting nearby, but ready at a moments notice to move when its human does. A trait this breed displays is the enjoyment of greeting its owners with head-to-head rubbing. Many breeds will butt their owners hands, but the Maine Coon likes to jump onto something so it can butt its head against their owner's chin or forehead, much like they would greet other cats.

Affectionate, intelligent, playful, curious and gentle are all words used by owners to describe their Maine Coons. Kittens can be mischievous and naughty at times, but as they mature the Maine Coon is a relaxed, laid back cat although throughout their lives they maintain a kitten-like ability to have the occasional entertaining mad moment.

Maine Coons are noted for their acceptance of children and other pets.


All recognised colours, tabbies, with white....the list goes on. Maine Coons can be any colour except pointed (siamese type colour).


The Maine Coon is a long rectangular cat. it is muscular, well boned with a medium (both length and width) head, and a square muzzle.